Lotions are great in providing you with a skin barrier that nourishes and locks in important moisture. Lotions are thinner than face creams, so they spread easily over the larger areas of the body. easy to apply, they are absorbed quickly by the skin(homemade body lotions tips in urdu,home made body lotions,homemade body lotions tips for women,homemade body lotion tips for girls,urdu homemade body lotions,home made body lotions,home made body lotion tips in urdu,home made body lotions in urdu for girls and wowen,women body lotions tips in urdu,homemade body lotions for you,girls body lotions tips online in urdu,homemade body lotion tips for women,body lotion for girls and more).

Boy lotion are valuable in the summer when the sun has dried the skin, especially if you have been sunbathing. Here you find some best homemade hand lotion recipe which can also useful for your body. These homemade lotion is effective and best for your body because you know that what are the ingredients in the lotion.

Natural hand lotions, body lotions or pure massage lotions must contain only the costliest, high-quality vitamins, essential oils and natural plant extracts, which naturally and effectively improve your skin’s beauty and well-being. Such lotions of high quality are frequently used in healing massage therapy.

Some types of lotions can be used for skin tanning making it young and healthy. A formula of tanning lotions usually contains natural, not derived, vitamins and ingredients proven to reveal deep, rich tans, and unveil superior skin care results.

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